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Safety Razor Blades UK: Discover Bambaw Products

Billions of disposable razor cartridges are sold every year on our planet. Unfortunately, most of them are not recyclable and generate a horrendous amount of plastic waste that often ends up in the environment. Choosing to shave with a single-blade razor that does not contain plastic and whose blade can be changed is an effective way of tackling the problem of plastic waste.

Bambaw safety razor blades are made from Swedish stainless steel. This type of metal has the advantages of being solid and recyclable, which ensures a clean cut and an irritation-free shave.

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safety razor blades uk

Why use a single blade?

Switching from multiple blades to a shaver with one safety razor blade in the UK has many advantages:
  • Unrivalled precision: The double-edged blades of the Bambaw safety razors in the UK are properly sharpened to give a traditional shave as close to your skin as possible. What's more, the ease of use and ergonomics of our reusable razors make them perfectly capable of cutting your hair neatly, reducing the risk of cuts and razor burn.
  • Soft skin and a long-lasting razor: The unique blade of the Bambaw safety razor does not damage your skin. Unlike multi-blade razors, the safety razor's blade does not cut your hair below the skin's surface. This prevents ingrown hairs and is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Putting an end to the use of single-use plastic razors: Our safety razor blades are recyclable and interchangeable. They help to drastically reduce pollution from plastic razors.
  • Flawless results: A multi-blade razor increases the risk of cuts and burns. A single double-edged blade is more than sufficient to achieve a clean cut without the razor irritation that follows the passage of several blades over the skin. This makes our single-blade razor ideal for sensitive skin.
safety razor blades uk

How many times can one shave with a Bambaw safety razor blade in the UK?

Our Swedish steel blades are renowned for their exceptional sharpness and durability. Thanks to their platinum coating, safety razor blades stay sharp for a long time and are corrosion-free. Depending on your hair type and how often you need to shave, your blades can last you a few weeks or months. In addition, Swedish steel is an environmentally friendly choice that we have made as it is a recyclable metal.

Where are Bambaw safety razor blades made?

Bambaw's zero waste swaps help to reduce the production of non-recyclable waste, but not only. Ensuring a sustainable and ethical supply chain is one of our priorities at Bambaw. Particular attention is paid to the origin of the materials used in our products. We work closely with our trusted partners to achieve a sustainable manufacturing process with a reduced ecological impact. For example, our safety razor blades made of recyclable steel are produced in Czech Republic from 100% European materials. Order your safety razor blades in the UK on our website.

Our safety razor delivered in the United Kingdom

Getting your safety razor blade in the UK has now become the easiest thing in the world. You order online from our website, and we ensure fast and environmentally friendly delivery. Throughout the manufacturing process we do everything we can to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. From the packaging, which is fully recyclable, to the wax paper that covers the blades, we take every step to minimise our waste production. Once used, your razor blade can be 100% recycled, making it one less piece of environmental waste. You can order your safety razor blade in the United Kingdom now.

Discover the Bambaw shaving family in the United Kingdom

Shaving is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself and enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. To make your experience even more delightful, discover all the products in the Bambaw shaving family that will make your shaving ritual truly unique. Respectful of your skin and the planet, our zero waste swaps will make you rediscover the pleasure of a traditional shave, making you feel like you were at the barber's. Visit our website and order your safety razor blade in the UK.