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Safety Razor UK: Discover Bambaw Products 

A new shaving routine for a brand new you. Take care of yourself and make your wellbeing a priority with this safety razor available in the UK. This Bambaw product will introduce you to a whole new way of shaving that will completely change your daily skincare routine for the better.

Easy to use, sturdy and well balanced, this razor will cut your hair perfectly without being harsh on your skin. The safety razor UK has been designed to last a long time, thanks to its quality materials and timeless design, which means it will help you to significantly reduce your impact on the environment compared to using cartridge shavers. 

Discover the 3 different safety razor options in the Bambaw shaving family and start a new journey towards a smarter self-care routine:

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What makes this safety razor UK different from others?

As well as being much cheaper in the long run than a plastic razor, the safety razor has many other advantages:

A close shave with a single blade 

You may be surprised to learn that a single-blade reusable razor is actually more effective than one with 4 or 5 blades, but the reason is quite simple:

With a safety razor, you only put one blade against your skin at any given time, and the less blade you drag across your skin, the better off your skin will be. Let's put it this way: Why assault your skin with multiple blades when one blade can do the job just as well? 

In addition, a cartridge razor manages to provide a close shave because its blades lift the hair and then cut it slightly below the surface of the skin. This technique is very likely to cause skin problems as the hair can then grow back underneath the skin, which can cause pain, inflammation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The Bambaw safety razor in the UK avoids all these potential problems by cutting the hair directly at the surface of the skin, in one clean cut.

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    A product made of quality materials

    At Bambaw, we pay close attention to the quality of our products as we try to offer you the best possible user experience. One of the ways we do this is by carefully choosing the finest materials for our products. The bamboo and metal safety razor heads are made of brass. It's a strong and durable metal, which provides our eco razors UK with the perfect weight. Indeed, let the razor glide smoothly over your skin, and thanks to its own weight and gravity, you'll get the closest shave.

    Choose between the bamboo and metal handles, both of which are designed to give you a firm grip. You can use them safely in the shower without worrying about them slipping out of your hand.

    The final thing that makes this plastic-free razor UK so effective is its blade. Safety razor blades are made from stainless steel. It’s the best material for making a sharp, corrosion-resistant blade, which is essential for a close and precise shave. Bambaw blades are made in Europe, and all have a platinum coating.

    A shaving experience perfectly suited for beginners

    Taking the plunge into a more traditional shave can be scary at first, but rest assured, this safety razor in the UK is easy to use and comes with all the information you need to start your new shaving routine effortlessly. The head is easy to assemble, and the razor comes with a digital user manual that will give you all the tips you need to safely change your blade and get the cleanest shave. 

    An ecological plastic-free razor

    Made from high quality, durable materials, this eco razor is built to last. In addition, its stainless-steel blades are interchangeable and recyclable. By choosing a safety razor in the UK, you will also be helping to reduce the plastic waste that results from the daily use of disposable razors in your local area. 

    What is the composition of Bambaw safety razors?

    Our metal safety razors are made of 100% brass, while our bamboo safety razors have a brass shaving head and a bamboo handle. Sturdy and durable, this material gives your razor the perfect balance for a smooth and close shave. What's more, our Swedish steel blades are recyclable and platinum-coated to ensure unparalleled sharpness. This means you get a perfectly clean and precise shave on all parts of your body. Thanks to these high-quality materials, our eco razors will accompany you in your shaving ritual, use after use. 

    To complete your shaving ritual and accompany your Bambaw safety razor in the UK, discover also the Bambaw safety razor blades and shaving brush:

    FAQs on the safety razor in the United Kingdom

    Is it unisex?

    Absolutely! Our razor is suitable for both men and women and is available in several colours on our website

    Can you shave your pubes with a safety razor?

    You can shave any part of your body with a safety razor. You just need to make sure you tighten your skin properly to avoid shaving wrinkles, exfoliate your skin and apply a shaving cream or foam. However, we do advise you to get some experience first and to start with easier parts of your body to get used to your razor. You can always refer to the digital user manual provided with your razor for more tips on using your plastic-free razor in the UK. 

    How long do blades last in a safety razor?

    It is impossible to give a definitive answer to this question as everybody has a different hair type and shaving habits. However, it is commonly assumed that a person using a safety razor on a daily basis should change the blade every few weeks to months.

    Can you shave with a safety razor every day?

    Yes, a safety razor is much less aggressive on the skin than a 5-blade cartridge razor. This means you can use it safely every day. Please note that, just like you, there are multiple types of blades out there, choosing a sharp or mild one will change the way your skin will react day after day. 

    Fast and eco-friendly delivery in the United Kingdom

    Single-use disposable razors are having a devastating effect on our planet's ecosystems. Make the switch to a greener shaving ritual by ordering our safety razor online for UK delivery. We ensure fast delivery while guaranteeing your new swap has a neutral carbon footprint.

    In fact, our supply and transport chains are certified by CO2Logic. Together, we calculate our total environmental impact to make them carbon neutral, and offset our emissions by supporting two projects – one in Bolivia and the other one in Burkina Faso.

    Our safety razors and the whole shaving family are available in the UK

    Order your safety razor in the UK and choose a shaving ritual that respects your skin and the planet. In addition to our plastic-free razor, complete your shaving set with our vegan shaving brush, razor blades or razor stand.

    Discover all Bambaw products on our website and choose the model and colour that suits you.